Ambient Knowledge- what a blessing.


7 April 2023

We take ambient knowledge so much for granted. That’s my acknowledgement of the day.

Where does this thought stem from? A young 28 year old Indian origin Singaporean, born and brought up in Singapore was not feeling too well. We were conversing regarding some work topics and she mentioned her flu like symptoms. She also mentioned popping Panadol since the last 12 hours as she did not know what else to do.

To me, allopathic medication has its place in wellbeing, but first line of defense belongs to natural home remedies once you are already unwell.

Preventive care is the most crucial route to adopt in the long term but that’s a topic for another day, when we are not already ill.

Taking further the narrative, this lady asked me how she should know what to do. For a few seconds, I was lost for words. I had picked up all my knowledge on home remedies from my mother, aunts, mother in law, friends mothers and grandmothers. When I was growing up, they all doled out advice liberally if anybody was ill. Ambient knowledge.

Just like language skills- if you hear it around you, picking up a language is easy.

Ambient knowledge on natural remedies has vanished in one generation. Known familial social structures have disintegrated. Access to farms, gardens, backyards has gone.

But small illnesses have gone up. Using allopathic medication to stay functional through one’s illness is almost a given.

I realize I am at the age of that ‘mother’/ ‘aunty’ who hold some knowledge on natural remedies. Collectively, women around me and of my generation or older, know how to heal the body naturally, to quite an extent.

It is my gift to the future generations- call yourselves Gen X, Z, P, Q, M, N. Whatever suits your fancy. Lets learn how to heal ourselves with normal kitchen ingredients and common sense. Irrespective of gender, please lets do ourselves the favour and arm ourselves with this crucial knowledge. Less expensive, low side effects, greater well being.

Just FYI, wellbeing isn’t only about natural remedies. Its also about fun, laughter, exercising your grey matter and your body, making friends, handling stress sensibly, being self- aware, minimalism, our approach to learning, our appreciation of nature. As we expand our content, we will get contributions from experts in different fields.

Here’s to expanding our collective knowledge. Much brain power and well-being your way.

Bhavani Suryavanshee

Director- Nature Nudge

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