Our Founders

                                ccBhavani                                Manisha

Bhavani Suryavanshee and Manisha Thakkar.

Two friends and women entrepreneurs. Mothers. With successful corporate careers chugging alongside entrepreneurship.

We understand the ongoing struggle to maintain health and the effort it takes. Good food and ingredients. Regular exercise. Sufficient sleep. Less stress. Mental balance and spirituality. Adding regular consumption of fermented food based probiotics gives you an army of microbes who help you achieve all these health basics so much faster.

As busy multi-faceted women, we understood that getting gut bacteria to do much of the work of health management was a smart way of managing our time! Getting help is always good and when you have an army of helpers, isn’t it right to let them do their work, as nature meant it?

We admit to being champions for sustainability, natural foods and traditionalists yet modernists. We admit to serious work being done while chatting, laughing and bonding over all kinds of subjects. Manisha is a fantastic exercise enthusiast. Bhavani has more spiritual leanings and she chooses to pray for wellbeing over every bottle of food or drink we make.

Personality wise, Manisha is the naughtier one :-)




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