About Nature Nudge


At Nature Nudge, we make Fine flavored and fresh fermented drinks and foods, every bottle artisanal crafted with love, right here in Singapore. Fresh fermented foods are natural probiotics and help establish a wide diversity of good bacteria in your gut.

Our company was founded in 2018. We occupy a little place on the Little Red Dot. Our products are all made locally, by hand. 

The story is simple. We noticed how often people around us fell ill, how often kids around us fell ill, how stress related discomforts were ever present. We noticed how all of us try our best to cope with these challenges. We noticed how many of us do not deploy the available army of good gut bacteria. Because we dont have time, we find it difficult, we dont know enough about how fermented foods can change ones health.

So we took it on ourselves to supply Singapore with Fine Flavoured Fresh Fermented Probiotic Drinks and Foods.

Medical Research is rapidly confirming that a healthy gut microbiome is a key thread in holding together overall wellness- mental, physical and emotional. So many modern day dysfunctions -auto immune diseases, cancers, ADHD, Parkinson, Alzheimer's, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, sleep issues and many more have been linked to imbalance in gut microbiome.

Make it part of your family’s daily food and bring back wellness to life so seamlessly.

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