Frequently Asked Questions

What does microbiome mean?


The human microbiota consists of the 10-100 trillion microbes within each person’s body. These trillions of microbes share a symbiotic relationship with us. They need our body to thrive and we need them to have a healthy body and mind.

These microbes are primarily bacteria but also include viruses, fungi and others. It is just that bacteria are the most studied, so they are most often referred to.

They live in our gut, skin, mouth and other body parts. The signature of the microbes found in different parts of the body are different.

The human microbiome consists of the genes these microbes have.


Where are Nature Nudge products manufactured?

All are products are made right here in the Little Red Dot we call home. Right here in Singapore.

All are products are lovingly handcrafted.

We ensure all brewing is done only in glass containers. This is to ensure you don’t eat chemicals from plastic leaching or heavy metals released into food.

We work in an NEA certified kitchen to ensure quality.

Bhavani insists every batch be made with peace, joy, and wellbeing. Food from our kitchen will always carry the hallmark of being made with blessings for health for the consumer.


What is the right age to have probiotics?

As soon as one is born!! That is not meant to be a clever answer at all. Mothers breast milk is full of natural probiotics.

Also, if the mother is eating natural fermented foods, the baby gets them through her milk.

Outside of breast feed, we recommend children as young as 2 years can start consuming food based probiotics regularly.

It also helps accustom their palette to the tangy taste of such foods.

Taste aside, given people are experiencing auto immune disorders earlier and earlier in life, it is a good idea to give children access to food based probiotics daily.

Our products can be consumed by all age groups, for the most.

Find out which ones suit your taste and alternate

Questions we will address soon

What are the types of fermented food?

How much sugar do Nature Nudge Fermented foods have?

How do the benefits of fresh ferments compare to Kombucha, Kefir?

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