Constipation help using Accupressure point LI-4

LI-4 Accupressure point to help relieve constipation


This magical acupressure point is great for relieving constipation caused by stress.

Surprisingly, its also great to help relieve headaches, shoulder and neck pain and aches and pains in the facial area like tooth pain. Of course, if you have a rotten tooth, this acupressure wont help you much. (Do hear mildly evil laugh in the background) 😊

How do you identify this point:

This LI-4 point exists between the thumb and forefinger. See the images to identify the exact spot.

You can also hold your thumb and forefinger together in a way that the thumb runs along the palm and all fingers held together. Turn your hand over, palm face down. Observe the elevated mound between the thumb and forefinger. That highest point is the LI-4 point.

How long should one press it:

You can press the point for 4-5 seconds. This can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

How should I press the point:

You can hold the point down or make circular motions at the spot.

Important cautions:

Pregnant Women must NOT activate this acupressure point as it is known to trigger labour.

You can also see the same details in a video form on your Youtube or Instagram sites




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