Jewel Labneh Starter Tray RECIPE

Ingredients needed

  • Nature Nudge Creamy Labneh
  • 1 tablespoon each of the following spices
    • Zaatar spice
    • Chilli Flakes
    • Dried or Fresh Dill- fine chopped
    • Black Sesame
    • Petals of edible flowers
    • Course ground pistachio
    • Course ground pumpkin seeds
  • One teaspoon of oil- to smear on hands before handling labneh
  • Pita bread/ crackers/ vegetable sticks (cucumber, celery, carrots, zucchini) to accompany the labneh tray


Put each of the spices in a separate mound on a big plate

Flatten the mound, so the labneh ball will be able to layer all around with the spice

Smear hands with oil

Take out labneh ball from the jar carefully, with a small spoon

Roll the labneh ball in any one spice and ensure its coated all around

Carefully place the coated labneh on a central bowl or tray

Repeat process with fresh labneh ball and the next spice

Place different coloured labneh balls in a way that the colour contrast is visible

Place Pita bread/ crackers/ vegetable sticks around the Jewel Labneh starter tray

If there is still time to serve it, you can refrigerate the labneh tray till you are ready to serve.

You are all set to serve it out and take bows for being an elegant host 😊


 Recipe Link on Youtube



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