Leaky Gut

Many disorders in the body are connected to this condition Leaky Gut.

Think of your gut- starting from the mouth right down to the rear exit point, as a sealed tube. The only thing that’s supposed to exit is nutrients. The waste matter has its designated exit point. Inside this sealed tube is a whole ecosystem of microbes- good and bad. Balance is the key word here. If there is too much of the ‘bad microbes’, trouble starts. Overload of the bag guys causes microscopic perforations to develop on the walls of the intestines. The tightly bound gut mucosal cells end up getting inflamed and gaps appear between cells. Now the sealed tube is no longer sealed. Food particles and microbes that had no place in the blood stream, start leaking out and contaminating the blood. A very evocative image that comes to mind when I think leaky gut is a sewer system leaking into clean water supply.

The body’s immune system thinks it is under attack and triggers auto immune responses. This happens repeatedly and the immune system gets no respite. It keeps trying to defend the turf, assuming war is on. Imagine the strain on the fighting forces- endless war and no respite to recover.

The list of Auto immune diseases and symptoms is massive- eczema/ hyper/hypothyroidism/ PCOD/ sleep issues/ weight gain/ cravings/ rheumatoid arthritis/ psoriasis/lupus/ celiac/ hashimoto.

Reducing bad bacteria and increasing good bacteria in the gut help heal from inside out. As the good bacteria (probiotics) are continuously introduced into the gut, bad bacteria reduce and balance is slowly restored. The perforations in the gut lining have a chance to heal.

At the same time, reducing sugar and refined foods cuts the food supply of the bad bacteria.

Deeper health issues like cancers/ adhd/ autism have also been linked to the imbalance of bacteria in the gut.

We leave you with one thought- treating diseases symptomatically eg eczema with steroidal cream, wont address the core issue. Root cause could lie elsewhere. Correcting the gut biome is a key part of the puzzle.


The concept of Leaky gut has also been explained via a youtube video . Link below






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