At the start, I would like to emphasis that our gut microbiome is an organ in our body. We must pay attention to it- feed it, maintain it. And not get rid of it.

The impact of the gut microbiome on the body is not fully mapped out by science. And the reason its not completely understood is because it has a very complex and intertwined influence on our wellbeing.

Scientific advances made in recent decades have led to an increased recognition of the role of the human gut microbiota in health and disease. Prior to that, little research had been conducted into the non-pathogenic microorganisms (non harmful organisms) that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract. Because most of these microorganisms cannot be cultured, they remained largely unexplored before the advent of molecular techniques. Ample experimental and clinical evidence now shows that gut microorganisms are required for the optimal functioning of the human body.

Quite like an ecosystem, where one small creature affects the functioning of whole in complex ways- our gut microbiome works on all kinds of ways on our body machinery.

It’s a choice we make- do we wait till the day that science had understood every angle of how the gut microbiome impacts our wellbeing. Or we can take action to restore bio diversity in our gut and acquire well being within a few days.

Lets plant the seeds to REWILDING OUR GUT! (I have to say I felt clever coming up with that line  😊)

What does Rewilding our gut mean?

Essentially, it refers to building and maintaining a diverse microbial flora in our intestines.

It means letting nature manage the diversity of our gut bacteria, for the most.

Focus is on diversity and natural balance.

There are three key strategies to achieve REWILDING

  1. Avoid antibiotics as much as possible
  2. Eat a variety of fermented foods regularly, which have a naturally diverse set of gut bacteria
  3. Eat a decent amount of fibre in your diet esp insoluble fibre. This is food for the bacteria in your belly.

Of course, there are many other things one should do- avoid sugar and refined foods, exercise, expose our bodies to the sun, touch soil and plants/leaves, sleep in time, reduce stress and meditate.

But starting to follow the three basic strategies will help us start the process of Rewilding our gut.

Lets look at Antibiotic avoidance today.

Doctors already know that antibiotics cause a lot of damage and have really reduced their reliance on it for small health issues.

Antibiotic use can have several negative effects on the gut microbiota, including reduced microbiome species diversity, altered metabolic activity, and the selection of antibiotic-resistant organisms, which in turn can lead to antibiotic-associated diarrhea and recurrent C-diff (Clostridioides difficile) infections. There is emerging proof that early childhood exposure to antibiotics can lead to several gastrointestinal, immunological and neurocognitive conditions.

So that thyroid issue you have, or the constant sinus or eczema could have started a few days after you took a round of antibiotics.

It isn’t rocket science to understand that we should avoid antibiotics as much as possible.

There are many anti microbial herbs and spices that can help us combat small injuries and illnesses. The first approach to antibiotic avoidance is to build up our immune system as much as possible. And the second is to use natural herbs and spices to aid the healing process, rather than antibiotics.

Turmeric, lemon, honey, coconut oil, ginger juice- I know I turn to these without too much thought- as first line of defense when we get cuts and bruises or coughs and colds.

These things, taken on a regular basis, do magic to build up immunity as well as heal specific injuries.

I sincerely suggest adding the following practices to your daily routine.

Start your morning by having ginger- either in a tea or as honey soaked slices you chew down. Ginger keeps inflammation at bay and is naturally antimicrobial.

Add turmeric liberally to food. While having turmeric- do make sure to accompany it with a small amount of fat like ghee. That aids the absorption of turmeric.

Having that glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice will do wonders for your immunity too.

Topical cuts and bruises can easily be treated with a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric. It reduces scarring as well.

Avoid antibiotics for minor health issues and reserve the use for serious health matters only.

We all know this but lets practice it aggressively- antibiotic creams and tablets should not be our first line of defence. Our strong immune system created by a flourishing gut microbiome is possibly the route to more peaceful health management.


That’s Strategy number 1 to REWILD YUR GUT- AVOID ANTIBIOTICS

In the next article, we shall discuss usage of Fermented foods and how it aids in the rewilding process

Till then, enjoy the dog, touch the grass, play in the soil. Rewild!

Bhavani Suryavanshee

Director- Nature Nudge Wellness

PH: 82003689

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