Three Factors that make our access to natural probiotics harder now

-Move to Urbanised living

In earlier times, when we had lots of access to nature, we used to get these through interaction with soil, plucking fruits, digging vegetables. But lets ask ourselves when was the last time we walked barefoot and over clean soil. When was the last time we dug our potatoes out of the soil?! The likely answer is ‘not in a long while’.

Longitudinal studies done on people who move from semi rural settings to urban spaces show they lose about 30-40% of their microbial diversity.


-More Caeserian Section births

Studies have shown that the baby gets its first download of good bacteria and other microbes from the mothers birth canal. There is a large rise in C section births, depriving babies of the right kind of needed microbes. Studies have shown linkages between C sec births and later in life problems like diabetes, obesity and many auto immune disorders. 


-Loss of traditional knowledge about fermenting

Every culture has its repository of fresh fermented foods and drinks, that were integrated into daily life but the knowledge has only recently seen a revival. Adding to the revival, there is a wave of creative culinary arts applied to this category. Fusion foods are being developed around non alcoholic ferments. A trend the world should be thankful for.


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