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Organic Fire Cider is an ancient European farm ferment created as an aid to reduce cold and flu like symptoms. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and many healing root vegetables are put through a non alcoholic fermentation process. This has a long brewing and infusing process but the result is an amazing home remedy and immunity booster. A handy home remedy that’s a must for every household.

Benefits in brief: Immunity booster. Helps manage cold and flu symptoms. Improves digestion and helps with acid reflux. Improves skin condition. Watch that blocked nose open up, that allergic sneeze reduce dramatically!

Some interesting history: Fire cider used to be brewed in large glass jars in every pantry to help the family cope with cold weather and flu issues. Interesting stories can be found on how fire cider used to be given to kids, adults and even house pets to manage cold and flu symptoms as well as digestion.

Process: Organic high grade apple cider vinegar is brewed with a host of root vegetables, herbs and fruit peels. 3-4 weeks of fermentation are required for the infusion to take place properly. Every drop of the brew is pure magic for immunity!

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, Horse radish, Onions, Turmeric Root, Ginger root, several other root vegetables and herbs, orange, lemon and many other fruits

Taste profile: Mildly fiery and sour.

Known strains of bacteria contained:  Organic Fire Cider is wild fermented, so we can only list some of the dominant strains of bacteria found in the food. Beyond this list, there is a natural bio diversity that is difficult to fully know as it could change from batch to batch. Root vegetables all carry such a wide variety of probiotic bacterial profiles.

Who can use: For every member of the family across every age group.

How to use: Pour one tbsp in a ½ cup of warm water and sip. Can be had straight if u have the courage but its not recommended 😊

Side effects: None known

How to store: Store at room temperature

Shelf life: 15-20 weeks from delivery.



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