Grandma’s Traditional fermented Rice

Grandmas Traditional Fermented Rice

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Grandma’s Traditional Fermented Rice  is an everyday ferment used even today in many parts of the world. This ferment uses cooked rice and generates an easily digestible, high in Vitamin B 12 end result! The semi smooth porridge like texture is so easy to eat in any meal one pleases.

Benefits in brief: Very high in Vitamin B12. Full of natural enzymes and highly bio available vitamins.

Some interesting history: Left over rice was put in an earthen pot and left to go through a non alcoholic fermentation process in the olden days. In the morning, many families used to have the light fermented rice for breakfast porridge. It used to be consumed with yogurt, left over vegetables or any such addition. In fact, there is a revival of this concept as people realise the nutritional benefits of this food!

Process: This ferment is very easy to make and is just an overnight fermentation process. The best thing is for you to learn how to make it everyday at home. However, if you are time pressed, we are happy to make it for you and save you the trouble. Either way, add it to your food repertoire and watch all Vitamin B deficiencies naturally fade away so simply.

Ingredients: Cooked rice, dechlorinated rice, salt, spice mix (on request)

Taste profile: Mild benign flavour. Can be combined with any flavour one likes.

Known strains of bacteria contained: is wild fermented, so we can only list some of the dominant strains of bacteria found in the food. Beyond this list, there is a natural bio diversity that is difficult to fully know as it could change from batch to batch.

Strains of bacteria known: The most common microorganisms found in fermented rice are  lactic acid bacteria (LAB), lactobacilli and bifidobacteria

Who can use: For every member of the family across every age group, for health maintenance.

How to use: Have 2-3 tablespoons with any flavour on the side that you like- pickles, left over cooked vegetables, pickles, spice powders. One can also blend with Yogurt to make a drinkable version. Do not heat. Consume daily.

Side effects: None known

How to store: Keep Refrigerated.

Shelf life: 2 weeks from delivery.


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