Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut ,flavorful pickle ferment
Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut
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Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut

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Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut is a flavorful pickle ferment which  harvests the naturally occurring bacteria found in cabbage! Wellbeing through foods is achieved when the maker sings songs to the foods. Our Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut knows it is lovingly made in every stir and knead.

Benefits in brief: High in Iron. Wonderful digestive aid. Great Immunity booster. High in minerals and vitamins. Full of natural enzymes for absorption of amino acids. Natural Probiotic of diverse bacteria. Keto friendly. Low on salt.

Some interesting history: Sauerkraut is a traditional German fresh fermented pickle using only cabbage and salt. Many European farms and homes made this ferment regularly. While salt was the only addition used in earlier days, our version combines spices and herbs to lift the flavours to another level while retaining its excellent benefits. Our two sauerkraut variants are Bright Sunshine Raw Sauerkraut (with Turmeric) and Ruby Red Raw Sauerkraut (with Beets). This ferment is one of the strongest natural probiotics in our range. It contains many more strains of lactobacillus than yogurt!

Process: Grated beets kneaded with hand cut vegetables to ensure they release their brine. Each bottle lovingly integrates spices, herbs and vegetables. The fermentation process requires quite a bit of precision.

Ingredients: Cabbage, Carrots, Beets, Spices. All our ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Taste profile: Sour, yet spicy and with an earthy flavour.

Known strains of bacteria contained: Sauerkraut is wild fermented, so we can only list some of the dominant strains of bacteria found in the food. Beyond this list, there is a natural bio diversity that is difficult to fully know as it could change from batch to batch.

Strains of bacteria known:  Many strains of Lactobascillus

Who can use: For every member of the family across every age group, for health maintenance.

Specific comments: Persons recovering from antibiotic consumption, chemotherapy

People with any kind of auto immune disorders like eczema, PCOD, Lupus, weight gain, sleep issues etc

People with constipation issues

How to use: Add one heaped tablespoon at the side of any dish you eat- added to rice, in salads, in wraps and rolls, burgers, sandwiches, on the side of your favourite meats. Consume daily.

For children, can start with 1 tbsp.

Side effects: Usually none. In some cases, change in stool frequency and looseness may occur for a few days. Persist with usage and it will clear as the body is getting rid of unwanted bad bacteria and toxins.

How to store: Keep Refrigerated.

Shelf life: 15-16 weeks from date of delivery.




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