Sauerkraut Juice
Sauerkraut Juice
Sauerkraut Juice
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Sauerkraut Juice

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Sauerkraut Juice is a hand crafted fresh fermented drink (non alcoholic). When sauerkraut is made, it releases a fair amount of liquid from the vegetables used. This liquid is full of probiotic bacteria and is very potent but very strong. We use this as a starter culture and add it to a host of vegetables and roots like ginger and turmeric, as wll as other healing spices. This ingenuity leads to a light drink thats fantastic for bloating and gas. 

Benefits in brief: Digestive aid. Great for recultivating the gut with microbes after a course of antibiotics or after treatments like Chemo which remove all gut bacteria. This is a gentle way to repopulate the gut.

Some interesting history: Sauerkraut juice was created in the days when food wastage was a big no no. When Sauerkraut is made, the vegetables release a fair quantity of liquid as a by product. This liquid has a host of good bacteria. But it is too sharp to drink by itself. Clever repurposing saw this product being designed in the farms of Europe. The sauerkraut liquid would be added to a vat with water, other vegetables and used as a starter culture. That got rid of all the sharpness but retained the probiotic benefits and a smooth taste.

Process: Starter culture of sauerkraut liquid is added to a vat and brewed with vegetables and herbs as well as root vegetables and spices. It takes a minimum of 4-5 days to achieve a smooth yet tart taste.

Ingredients: Sauerkraut liquid, Cabbage, Ginger, Turmeric, Spices, Salts, Herbs, Other roots

Taste profile: Savoury, Zero sugar, Keto-friendly.

Known strains of bacteria contained:

Sauerkraut juice is wild fermented, so we can only list some of the dominant strains of bacteria found in the food. Beyond this list, there is a natural bio diversity that is difficult to fully know as it could change from batch to batch.

Strains of bacteria known:  Many strains of Lactobascillus

 Further descriptors: Low Glyceimic index product

Who can use: For every member of the family across every age group, for health maintenance.

Specific comments: Can be consumed even by diabetics as it has a low glyceimic index.

Persons recovering from antibiotic consumption, chemotherapy

People with any kind of auto immune disorders like eczema, PCOD, Lupus, weight gain, sleep issues etc

People with constipation issues

How to use: Drink 100-150 ml a day, post any one meal of your choice. Consume daily.

For children, can start with 1 tbsp.

Side effects: Usually none. In some cases, change in stool frequency and looseness may occur for a few days. Persist with usage and it will clear as the body is getting rid of unwanted bad bacteria and toxins.

How to store: Keep Refrigerated.

Shelf life: 8-10 weeks from date of delivery.


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